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Prove it!

We are given an isoceles triangle, ABC, with Line AB is congruent to Line AC. We are also given that AD is an a perpendicular bisector. With this information we need to prove that triangle ADB is congruent to triangle ADC. First, because triangle ABC is an isosceles, by the Isoceles Triangle Base Angle Theorum, angle B and angle C are congruent. In addition, because AD is a perpendicular bisector, angle ADB and angle ADC are right angles. Angle ADB and angle ADC are congruent because all right angles are congruent. Moreover, Line BD is congruent to Line CD due to the definition of bisector. With this information, triangle ADB is congruent to triangle ADC by Side Angle Side Congruence. We could also prove the triangles are congruent by Hypotenuse-Leg Theorum (HL). First, we can refer to to the proof we did above. We know that Line AB is congruent to Line AC. We also know that Angle ADB and Angle ADC are congruent. Our next step would be to say that Line AD is congruent to Line AD by the Reflexive Property. With this, we can use HL.

Welcome to Clash Royale!!!

Welcome to Clash Royale! When starting the game, you must fight a series of trainer battles for your tutorial. For each trainer that you defeat, you will gain a wooden chest that will take fifteen seconds to unlock. Once unlocked, you can gain some cards. As you play, you can gain trophies, move up arenas and gain new cards. There are nine arenas in total. Starting from the bottom, Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Bowl, Pekka's Playhouse, Spell Valley, Builder's Workshop, Royal Arena, Frozen Peak, and Legendary Arena. The cards have different levels of rarity, Commons, Rares, Epics, and Legendaries. Now that you know some information, go have some fun! PS. THE BEST CARD IS THE CREDIT CARD! ;)